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About Us

The story of Crudo Juicery.

The sweetest sugar from nature!

This was the time when figs, olives, plum and pears grew in the Mediterranean region, apple trees blanketed present day Kazakhstan, orange trees covered China and wild berries grew in Europe. This was also the time when food was eaten raw and was healthier.

A year ago, Amit Sahni moved base from Australia to India. A health and fitness enthusiast on one hand and a hardcore foodie on the other, healthy food had to be not just delicious but also mouth-wateringly scrumptious. He naturally sought the same for his family as well. The quest resulted in countless trips to every big and small food joint in and around Gurgaon, all in vain. Healthy and tasty seemed like two opposite poles that nobody seemed to have brought together!

BUT Opposite poles are meant to be together. In his 18 years of stay in Australia, Amit had experienced the power of cold-pressed juices and the positive change that raw fruits and vegetables could bring to one’s life. He also knew that the right combination of raw fruits could make a dish tastier than any other. “Nutritious” and “Delicious” were not enemies, but actually comrades-in-arms. This knowledge could be brought back to India….. and Crudo Juicery was born, with its first store in Galleria Market, Gurgaon!

Crudo, literally meaning “raw” in Italian, is a concept juicery that serves raw fruits and vegetables based treats. Cold-pressed Juices, Salads, Smoothies and Yogurts – every recipe is conceptualized, tested and analysed by Nutritionists and Sensory experts, and created using state-of-the-art technology to combine the best of health and taste.

About us

Crudo is a brand that combines the healthy goodness of raw fruits and vegetables, with great taste. Crudo recipes are carefully created to provide the healing and preventative benefits of organic products to seasoned health aficionados, while also catering to the taste buds of novice customers.