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Top 6 Foods That Give You An Instant Energy Boost

Have you ever felt bogged down and robbed of energy just after having your meal? If yes, then you need to switch to a diet that keeps provides you with sustainable energy at the start of the day and help you negotiate low-energy periods during the day.

Let us look at some natural foods that can conjure this magic for you.


Honey is a natural energy drink and a source of simple carbohydrates which honey-1006972_640can be easily digested by our body. This makes honey an ideal fuel for muscles during exercise as the energy is released only when it is required. Honey also helps in repairing of muscle tissues after workout sessions.


Almonds are a handy snack to keep at your work table or in your bag. These tasty treats contain magnesium, an electrolyte required for proper functioning of muscles. As per studies, drop in magnesium level can result in low energy level in the body.

Almonds also contains riboflavin which helps in taking oxygen to various parts of the body and helps in energy production.


Yogurt contains a milk sugar called lactose, which can be easily converted to energy. It is also rich in protein, which helps in slowing down the absorption of lactose, thus making the energy boost last for a longer period of time.

It is also a good source of magnesium, which is crucial for release of energy. Yogurts are also rich in calcium and thus beneficial for our bones. Certain yogurts also contain Vitamin D which is an important element for absorption of calcium in our body.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are also known as wolf berries and have been used for thousands on years in Chinese medicine for enhancing stamina and energy. Goji also enhances the body’s ability to handle stress and it promotes a healthy mood, mind and memory.


It also aids in increasing the flow of blood, thereby providing more oxygen to all the cells of the body. Besides providing energy, goji berries help in absorption of food, weight control and prevents cardiac diseases. The beta-carotene present in goji berries helps in making the skin healthy, improving vision and strengthening the immune system.

It is recommended that goji berries be taken in juices and smoothies as liquids can be more easily assimilated into our body. Considerably large number of berries will have to be consumed to draw the same benefits from eating dried goji berries.


Nuts, especially cashews, almonds and hazelnuts are a rich source of protein and magnesium. Magnesium is vital for converting sugar into energy in our body. Drop in magnesium level in the body can drain you of energy.

Chia Seeds

The tiny chia seeds are full of energy-packed nutrients which aid in maintaining a healthy mind and body. The use of chia seeds have been traced back to Mayan and Aztec civilization. The warriors in these civilizations used to take chia seeds as a part of their diet for their energy-enhancing and stamina-inducing properties. These are whole grain foods that are gluten-free and a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and other micro nutrients.

Make sure that you exercise regularly to keep your energy flowing. Besides a healthy diet, it is a tried and tested way to boost energy and mood. Studies show that regular exercise may help ease depression and trigger other changes in your body that give you more energy all day long.

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